Ask Dr. Waffles


Dr. Waffles is VOKRA’s senior feline health advice columnist. He has had more than four years of experience as a cat with health, and is thus fully qualified to advise other cats in their health.

Dear Dr. Waffles,

The screened balcony, which was my own sanctuary when it was colder, is suddenly crowded with pots full of mud. Green stuff that is delightful to chew on is starting to appear out of the muck, as if by magic. I suspect my people are getting into witchcraft or something. What’s going on? Can I eat this stuff or will it turn me into something terrible?

Ginger Cat

Dear Ginger,

It’s really hard to say what these creatures we live with are up to at any given moment, but I doubt they’re clever enough for magic. In my experience, the green stuff comes in many varieties – some are delightful to munch on, but some could actually kill you! Best to steer clear of all of it if you’re not sure – but here are some types that are relatively safe to you (although with any you might still get a stomach ache) – basil, begonia, orchid, jasmine, roses, sage and summer hyacinth.

More about toxic and non-toxic plants can be found here.

Dr. Waffles

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