Thank You, Jacqueline

VOKRA is sad to have lost a friend last week, but not as sad as her best friend Marley is.

Jacqueline worked in cat rescue before most of us even knew what it was. She was a trapper and a rescuer in East Vancouver, known and loved by many, both human and feline.

Most recently she fostered a very special cat for VOKRA. We don’t know his background but, when we found out about him in 2012, Marley was a stray cat. He had been living outdoors but a nice elderly woman befriended him, fed him and let him in her house when it was cold outside. When Marley’s friend passed away and the house was sold, VOKRA was called. We had Marley neutered and found him a loving foster: Jacqueline.


At first Marley was shy and afraid but Jacqueline’s love eventually helped him come out of his shell. They were a great match and enjoyed spending lots of time sitting quietly together. Marley decided he liked being petted and Jacqueline was pretty good at it so it worked out great.


There was only one problem; Jacqueline had terminal cancer and knew she didn’t have long to live. Her wish was to see Marley adopted into a forever home before she died.

We did our best, showcasing Marley in ads in the Georgia Straight, promoting him on our website and spreading the word. A couple of potential adopters came to meet him but decided he wasn’t the cat for him.

On August 1st, Jacqueline collapsed at home and passed away that same day. Sadly, she did not get to see Marley get adopted.

Eight year old Marley is now at our Operations Centre where he is grieving the loss of his friend. We can’t blame him. We are trying to find him a foster home with no other cats, kids or other animals where he can be loved and taken care of in the way that Jacqueline cared for him. Better still, we would like to fulfil Jacqueline’s wish and find him a forever home. He’s been through enough and deserves a safe and comforting place to live out his days. Until then, we are doing our best to comfort this sad guy. All of our hearts are heavy.

Thank you, Jacqueline, for being a friend to so many of us and for rescuing so many cats, especially Marley. You will be missed but never forgotten.

Marley is Waiting

We are desperate for a loving home for this deserving guy.

If you can foster or adopt sweet, shy Marley, please send a message to

foster [at]