Volunteer of the Month–March 2015!

Jessica and her husband Bryan

Bluntly put, VOKRA would cease to exist if it weren’t for all the brilliance, hard work, drive, and support from our volunteers. And right meow, it is time for our Volunteer of the Month, March edition!

This month we are giving big thanks and gratitude to Jessica MacDuff.

We can also give a shout out to the internet for providing Jessica the opportunity to come across VOKRA. She came across us while doing research online about working with animals and knew immediately we were the right fit. She has been a volunteer for five months now, and counting. What can we say? Kitties are irresistible to work with; working with cats and just cats is a dream come true for Jessica.

Volunteering twice a week, we always look forward to seeing Jessica every Monday and Friday. She puts in a great amount of effort to make sure our environment is spotless. Along with cleaning duties, Jessica also shares her big and accepting heart with kittens.

Though picking favourite kitties is like picking a favourite child, Jessica has noted Poosh, Oskar, and Heathcliffe as a few of her favourite and adored kittens. Ultimate #SelfiesWithKitties for the win!

Poosh (one of Jessica’s favourites), looking adorable, as per usual

Poosh looking adorable, as per usual

Not only do the kittens love Jessica, so do we!

Shelley says,

She works her butt off scrubbing floors, kennels, whatever we need. And she is amazing; she comes in and cleans every single thing in the wash up area (almost unheard of), washes the floors, cleans dirty kennels…she absolutely never stops moving.

Karen tells us,

Jessica goes nuts cleaning all over like a whirling dervish!

Tasha reports,

She’s delightful!

Appreciated by both cats and the VOKRA team? Now that is a sign that Jessica is undoubtedly one of the most hard-working, selfless, and joyful volunteers we’ve ever had. Seriously, thank you Jessica, for all that you do for VOKRA. You are magnificent; rock on!

If you would like to get involved with our wonderful VOKRA team, please visit our website for more information, and apply to volunteer today!