Compassionate Kids–Felix

We were recently lucky enough to have a visit from the one and only Felix at our Operations Centre! Felix, along with his brother Leo and his mom Jan came down for a tour and to make a very special donation. For his birthday this year, Felix decided he wanted cold hard cash instead of gifts. Now, before you think, “Hey, kid! That’s rude!”, you’ll want to hear why he collected coins instead of presents; so he could donate to VOKRA!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Felix and his family are no strangers to the work VOKRA does as they adopted two cats through us last year and have given them a wonderful home.

Felix and Leo at VOKRA Operations 007

And now, they are helping other kitties too. Kitties like Sudermann.

Our fantastic volunteer, Valerie, told Felix Sudermann’s story and about how lucky this cat is to be alive. She let him know that the money he donated will help with Sudermann’s vet bills so he can get better and find a great forever home, just like Felix’s cats now have.

We loved meeting Felix and appreciate his donation so much. And we think Felix was pretty happy with the visit too. He was so excited, he said that when he gets bigger, he wants to volunteer for VOKRA. We look very much forward to that, Felix. You’re already a great part of our team.

Thanks for supporting VOKRA, Felix, and for being a Compassionate Kid!

Compassionate Kids–Kate and Jack

We had some special visitors to our Operations Centre last week. One of our great Cat Care Volunteers, Helen, brought her grandchildren Kate and Jack down to learn about what VOKRA does and, yes, pet some kitties.

Kate and Jack got to sit in the birthday chair!

Kate and Jack got to sit in the birthday chair!

Jack was making a donation to VOKRA. For his birthday this year, he collected from his guests in support of VOKRA.

Thumbs up indeed, Jack!

Thumbs up indeed, Jack!

Pretty great, right? Well, that’s just how these kids roll. Last year, Kate did the same at her birthday party and collected donations for VOKRA too!

Kate the Great on her birthday!

Kate the Great on her birthday!

On their recent visit, Jack and Kate got to see their donations at work. They had a tour of the facilities, heard about how volunteers like their awesome grandma devote time, energy and love to caring for our cats, and also got a lesson in trapping feral cats as our Trappers Maria and Janet were on hand. Hmmm…the next generation of trappers? We’ll look forward to your help when you’re a little older, guys!

Tiny trappers at work!

Tiny trappers at work!

Thanks for supporting VOKRA, Kate and Jack, and for being Compassionate Kids!

Compassionate Kids–Vanessa

You really shouldn’t judge someone by their shoes but, in this case, the awesome shoes match the awesome kid. Meet Vanessa. Her family adopted a VOKRA cat last year, and when Vanessa was planning her 8th birthday party this year, she asked her guests to help her raise money for VOKRA. See, awesome, right? Right.

Vanessa raised over $100 for VOKRA and asked us what was needed most. Then she went shopping! She bypassed Ardene’s and Urban Planet and went straight to the pet store, picking out the most fun toys, the healthiest food and the best scratching posts for our kitties. We loved having Vanessa deliver her donations in person so we could show her around the Operations Centre and we took the opportunity to get a picture of the birthday girl in our birthday chair! (Okay, seriously. Check out the awesome sneakers.)



Thanks to you and all your friends for your fantastic donations, Vanessa. And thanks for being a compassionate kid!

Would You Donate Six for Karen’s Sixtieth?

There is normally a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy around Karen Duncan’s birthdays. VOKRA’s amazing President chooses to celebrate every day rather than marking the passing of the years. Or something like that. All we know is, if anyone dares bring up her birthday, OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

But not this year.

Karen Age 9

This year, Karen is turning sixty. Sure, 30 may be the new 20, and life may begin at 40 and, apparently, it’s nifty to be 50, but sixty…well, sixty is a pretty big deal. How should one celebrate such a momentous milestone in the life of such an amazing woman? By saving the lives of hundreds of homeless, abandoned and unwanted kittens, of course. I mean, that’s what Karen has done every day for the past 14 years. But let’s do this up properly today, shall we?

We’re asking everyone who is a VOKRA supporter, a Karen lover, a cat fancier or just someone who appreciates the number 6, to join us in our Six for Karen’s Sixtieth campaign. Donate $6, $60, $600 or $6000 to VOKRA to honour Karen’s many years of dedication and the thousands of cats’ lives she has saved. If you set up a $6 monthly donation, it will be automagically withdrawn from your bank account each month (you won’t even miss six bucks!) and you’ll get a tax receipt at the end of the year for the total amount donated.

If each of VOKRA’s Facebook supporters donated $6, we could pay off one of our vet bills. If everyone who has ever adopted from VOKRA gave $6, we’d be able to wipe out our debts completely. No matter what the amount, we will put it to good use doing the work Karen loves. If you don’t have $6 to spare, we get it, we really do. Instead, we hope you will share this campaign and help us spread the word. Because every $6 counts.

Karen Duncan has dedicated her life to saving cats and kittens in Vancouver. On her 60th birthday, help us celebrate her by making a donation to her organization and helping her continue her heart’s work for many decades to come.

Karen smiling

Happy Birthday, Karen. We love you.


Click here to donate to VOKRA


Compassionate Kids

If you grew up with a pet cat, you know how important the relationship between kids and animals can be. In addition to the cuddles and playtime kids share with their feline friends, learning to take care of a pet helps teach responsibility, compassion and empathy. All things we could use a little more of in the world!

We love getting updates from adopters telling us how their kids have bonded with their new furry buddies. We love it when kids and their parents volunteer for VOKRA and help us care for our cats and kittens. Some kids take their compassion a step further and opt to fundraise for VOKRA! We’ll be sharing stories about some of these compassionate kids here on the blog in the months to come.

This wonderful little girl declined gifts for her birthday this year, asking that guests help her make a donation to VOKRA instead. We were delighted to have her visit us at the Operations Centre, have her photo taken in our “Birthday Chair” and see how her generous $70 donation is going to help cats and kittens.

Birthday N

She even got to meet Cinnabar who, of course, allowed herself to be cuddled and admired. (Look for an upcoming blog post about our Cinnabar!)

Birthday N with Cinnabar

Thank you so much for supporting VOKRA and for being a compassionate kid!