Wet Food is the Best Food

Little Nugget enjoying a snack

At VOKRA, we do our best to ensure all kitties who pass through our doors live the best lives they can. That’s why when we come across issues we always look for a pattern and try to find a solution.

Unfortunately, from time-to-time cats are returned to us due to behavioural issues, and the most common of these issues is peeing outside of the litter box. More times than not, the root cause is diet and stems from the fact the cat is fed primarily dry food.

Cats who eat mostly dry food also tend to have more urinary tract infections. And cats that are free fed, which is when food is left out for the cat to self-monitor their own diet, have it even worse as they’re often fat so they can’t clean themselves properly.

So, why is dry food the culprit?

Little Nugget with his mom Bonnie

Cats are designed by nature to be carnivores and their digestive tract, despite thousands of years of domestication, is not intended to assimilate dry food. Not only so, contrary to popular belief, dry food causes plaque to form on teeth. It’s also highly processed, making the body work anywhere from 12-18 hours to break it down. This means the cat is always half full and in a constant state of digestion. On the other hand, raw food moves through the body within four hours, while wet food takes 8-12 hours for the body to metabolize it.

Karen Duncan, co-founder of VOKRA, has fed a raw diet to all of her animals for more than 20 years and fully recommends a wet or raw diet for all kitties. At VOKRA, FirstMate is our first choice for the cats in our care and Karen explains why:

“We got involved with FirstMate a few years ago. They’re a local company, which beats buying masses of food shipped from the US. Every product is cruelty free as the protein is sourced ethically – all wild salmon and tuna, never farmed. There’s never any guar gum or thickeners. Instead, potatoes or peas are used. Their packaging is also epoxy free and the label is foil laminate, making everything recyclable. VOKRA’s very confident of the quality of FirstMate food and are able to get answers quickly from them if any arise.”

All of these reasons are why we feel so strongly about feeding cats a diet that primarily consists of wet or raw food.

So if your kitty is peeing outside of the box, has frequent urinary infections or stinky breath it will most likely be worthwhile for you to switch their diet away from dry. It will help save their health and will cost you less trips to the vet.

If you’d like to learn more about why wet is best click here.

7 thoughts on “Wet Food is the Best Food

  1. I adopted Reggie (aka Char) October 2017.
    I gave her First Mate chicken from that time until three weeks ago.
    After much research and label reading, I switched her to Wellness chicken.
    In my opinion, the quality can’t be compared.
    With the Firstmate, she would take a couple of hours to eat, going back and forth.
    On opening the can of Wellness I noticed the difference (aside from reading the ingredients) instantly. The “jelly” from the broth alone.
    When I fed Reggie she finished all in about ten minutes at one sitting.
    The difference in how she enjoys her meal is blaring! Her coat has improved even more and she appears to be gaining some flesh on her hips.
    She was a feral cat for 14 months before I adopted her and was very thin with a thin undercoat and no guard hair persa.
    It is a more expensive food but so well worth it.
    I think you shouldn’t concentrate so much on Firstmate as others, like myself put too much emphasis on this recommendation without trying others.
    Warm regards
    Carole Benner

    • Hi Carol,

      Wellness used to be our first choice, however it became increasingly difficult for us to get at a decent price as it comes from the US. We were looking around for a great alternative and, after lots of searching and research, we settled on FirstMate. It’s our first choice, however, as in your experience, not every cat will think it’s their first choice. The most important point we would like to get across is that high quality wet is best.

  2. Where can I buy FirstMate? I have a cat with some digestive issues and then after switching the food, found my other cat is now constipated! I always thought some dry food was good, since in the wild cats will crunch on the small bones of critters. Thanks for all you do for all of those lucky kitties.

  3. I agree with Karen that First Mate is a good brand, although each cat’s preference is different. I would go for the quality first and this brand is made in Canada which makes me feel safe. Also, the fact that you cannot buy First Mate in big box companies means they really specialized in what they do and not giving in to big marketing dollars.

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