Care for a kitten this holiday season

Elmer and Cobalt are the best of friends.

Both arrived at VOKRA as very young kittens, hungry and full of fleas. Elmer was found alone in the forest crying and Cobalt was taken from her mother too soon and then surrendered.

As they were both on their own, we decided to buddy them up in foster care and they took to each other right away. Now they’re off to the new forever home together just in time for the holidays.

So far this year, we’ve taken in more than 850 kittens, just like Elmer and Cobalt. As a volunteer-driven non-profit, we can’t continue to rescue this many kittens without your support

Kittens in our care have a chance at a happy, safe and healthy life. And by ensuring each kitten is spayed or neutered we’re breaking the cycle.

Your support today will help pay for the cost of rescuing more than 1,400 cats and kittens each year, including veterinary care, medication, food and litter.

Will you help us today?

This holiday season you can give the gift of care and help kittens like Elmer and Cobalt.



P.S. – By becoming a monthly donor you can show your support for VOKRA all year long. Just $10 each month pays for one kitten to be vaccinated and $15 pays for one flea treatment.

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