Help a special kitty this holiday season

Meet Freckles. He arrived at VOKRA earlier this year after being surrendered at a veterinary clinic.

Freckles started out  life normally enough, but when he went for a checkup the vet noticed his back legs were wobbly. The vet suspected Freckles had cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), a neurological disorder that occurs when a kitten’s brain doesn’t develop properly in the womb.

As he got older, Freckles condition began to get worse and, when he started to dribble urine, he was surrendered.

Once Freckles arrived at VOKRA it didn’t take long for us to suspect CH isn’t the cause of his issues. As he has no feeling in his back legs our best guess is Freckles has a spinal injury.

So far nothing has shown up on an X-ray so the next step is to take Freckles for an expensive MRI with the hope something can be done to increase his mobility.

Veterinary care accounts for 50% of our annual budget. In 2018 alone, we spent more than $300,000 on medical care! As a volunteer-driven non-profit, we can’t afford these costs without the generous support of people like you. 

At VOKRA we believe kitties like Freckles deserve a chance at a happy, healthy life. Whether they’re kittens or adults, feral or tame, healthy or sick – we provide them all with the best care we can. But this does come at a cost.

Despite all his troubles, Freckles is a friendly guy who doesn’t let not being able to walk slow him down. He’s like a little rocket, pulling his legs behind him and only stopping when he meets someone who’ll give him love and treats!

Your support today will help pay for the cost of Freckles MRI, as well as the veterinary care for the more than 1,400 cats and kittens we rescue each year.

Will you help us today?

This holiday season you can give the gift of care and help kitties like Freckles.



P.S. – By becoming a monthly donor you can show your support for VOKRA all year long. Just $10 each month pays for one kitten to be vaccinated and $35 pays for one week of care.

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