Volunteer of the Month – May 2016

IMG_5924It’s not quite summer yet, but it definitely feels like it! May and its weather are bringing joy and happiness to us at VOKRA and, as we’re super cheerful, we’d like to spread the happiness and thankfulness to all the VOKRA volunteers. In particular, we’d like to thank our Volunteer of the Month – Lindsey Dawes!

Lindsey has been volunteering with VOKRA since June 2015. As someone who has an older cat, she felt volunteering at VOKRA would be an educational place to learn how to care for her aging kitty. Playing an integral role at our Operations Centre’s reception, Lindsey welcomes visitors and walk-ins. She is the fresh face of VOKRA! She explains how our organization works and about the programs we run, all designed to improve the lives of kitties. Other than working at reception, she also provides administration support, where she learns all about kitties through procedures, documentation and updates.

Her most memorable VOKRA moment to date goes back to November 2015, when a couple and their two children were looking to adopt. They specifically wanted only one cat, so Lindsey introduced them to Trudi Mom, who also happened to have two kittens. They fell in love with the mom and two kittens and ended up adopting the whole family. It warmed Lindsey’s heart when the wife said she could not separate Trudi Mom from her beloved babies.

ViperLindsey’s favourite cat is (obviously) her foster fail, Marty. He’s a fantastic cuddle buddy, while throwing in numerous affectionate licks. He makes an awesome buddy to her 3-year old tuxedo cat.

As a volunteer at VOKRA’s reception, Lindsey plays an integral role in extending our organization’s purpose by being the first point of contact for many current and future volunteers, as well as for those adopting! We thank you, Lindsey, for always working hard to ensure the best service and information is offered from VOKRA.

Post written by Aurora C.

As a 100% volunteer-driven non-profit, we clearly couldn’t do what we do without our extremely dedicated and hard working team of volunteers. THANK YOU!

If you’re interested in volunteering with us visit our website at vokra.ca/volunteer.

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