Frodo – The Boy with a Wobble


This adorable little scamp is Frodo and he has a case of the wobbles.

The official term for Frodo’s condition is Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia and it’s a neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems. This condition does not get worse, it’s just something he was born with, and despite being unstable on his feet he’s a healthy guy who’s very determined to play.

To see a video of Frodo in action click here.

RalphieFrodo’s an extremely loving and cuddly kitty who enjoys a good snuggle when he’s not playing with his toys. He runs and runs to try to catch his ball or feather, usually under the watchful eye of his mom Ralphie who’s there to help him out if he needs it. When he succeeds with his catch she’s right there to congratulate him and give him a kiss and a clean-up. Ralphie seems to understand his condition and, as the two are quite bonded, they need to be adopted together. She is a lovely slender calico with a friendly disposition who enjoys the company of adults and kids alike.

Some adaptations in the home will need to be made for Frodo to ensure he has a safe and accessible environment. He needs a low litter box so he is able to get in and out easily and safety around stairs is important. Slippery surfaces can also be a challenge, so if you have hard surface flooring some carpet runner in strategic places would be a good bet.

As the “mom” of my very own wobbly cat I can personally attest to the endless amounts of happiness they bring. Their determination is endless and inspirational. Frodo is a very loving, funny little guy who will be sure to give you endless hours of smiles and joy.

You can learn more about Frodo here and more about Ralphie here.

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