Meet the Star Wars Kittens


Luke and Leia were born on a mattress in a parking garage.

Their mother was doing the best she could to care for them along with their sister and two brothers. But the reality is only 25% of kittens who don’t receive human care survive.

trapped kittens_e

Kittens on their way to VOKRA

Thankfully a good samaritan spotted the family and contacted VOKRA. We were able to successfully trap mom and kittens and now they all have a chance at a better life.

In the past couple of months, VOKRA has been inundated with rescued cats and kittens like Luke and Leia. Each spring we see an influx of kittens from stray or abandoned mothers arriving on our doorstep. But this year there seems to be more than usual and we’re struggling to keep up.

Too many cats are having unwanted babies. We have very limited space and our foster team is stretched thin. With extra cats and kittens comes a lot of extra expense, including food, litter, veterinary care and medication.

The good news is kittens in our care have a chance at a happy, safe and healthy life. Luke and Leia, along with their mom and siblings, are now being well looked after in a foster home. Soon all the kittens will be spayed and neutered and ready for adoption. Their mom will also be looking for her forever home where she won’t need to worry about having more kittens because she will be spayed as well. If you’re interested in adopting one of the cats in our care please click here.

VOKRA is 100% volunteer driven and we receive no ongoing government support. This means your donations go directly to funding the supplies, equipment, veterinary and operational costs required to ensure the cats in our care are warm, safe and healthy. Your gift also supports out Trap-Neuter-Release program so fewer cats are born homeless into starvation, disease and misery. Please consider donating today.

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How the Star Wars Family Got their Names

Julie is the foster “mom” of the Star Wars family. Here she explains how each member got their name.

“Once we decided on the Star Wars theme the fun began!”

Yoda (1)


“Yoda for the mom was easy as she is a great mom who is friendly and was very good with all the people who came by to visit the kittens. She growled early on but would never interfere and just watched from afar. The fact that she managed to feed these guys for such a long time, and they are in such great shape, proves she is a very wise one.”





Luke_Leia2 (1)

Luke & Leia

“Luke was the friendliest one from the get go. Very curious and playful and I had him in my lap within a few hours.

Princess Leia was the next one to explore and play. She totally matches the princess as she can come out and explore and then randomly hisses. She can display a little attitude just like Leia and loves to express herself with meows or hisses. When it comes to nursing from mom she is the most demanding which is surprising as she’s the smallest. She met a new person the other day and went from cuddling to hissing and even let out a cute little growl. Tiny but full of attitude!

Luke and Leia also seem to play the most with each other and cuddle and groom.”

Darth2 (1)


“I was hesitant to use Darth as I was a little worried about the bad rap that black kittens get and associating him with the evil Darth Vadar maybe isn’t the best idea. But it truly fits! In the first few days he was always hissing. His hissing wasn’t that distinct and was very breathy so it totally reminded me of the heavy breathing of Darth.”





Chewy (1)


“Chewy is the large tabby with more brown in him. He is pretty laid back. He loves to play and has the thickest fur and largest paws. My nieces had him standing up on his hind legs playing and he just seemed to tower over his litter mates.”








Padme (1)


“Padme looks very much like Chewy except she is smaller and her tabby colouring is more gray then brown. She is the shyest of the group and I figured it fit as there are very few female characters in Star Wars and many don’t even know who Padme is.”







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