Help special needs cats like Gabby

Gabby’s a girl with a wobble. The official term for her condition is Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia, or CH for short, and it’s a neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems. This condition doesn’t get worse, it’s just something she was born with, and despite being unable to walk normally she’s healthy and can climb any cat tree out there!

To help strengthen Gabby’s back legs, her foster mom Becky does physiotherapy with her daily and has seen a vast improvement in her mobility. Due to her intensive regime, Gabby’s now able to support herself and walk a few steps without being aided. Yah Gabby!

We estimate it will cost $2,000 to provide Gabby with the best possible chance at a normal life. This will pay for a specialized diet, a harness to help her get around, acupuncture treatments and all her medical expenses. Special needs cats like Gabby have increased medical costs and, as a volunteer-driven non-profit, it’s a real challenge to find extra funds.

Will you help Gabby walk by donating today?

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Medical costs account for approximately 50% of VOKRA’s budget. All extra funds raised will go directly towards helping other special needs cats like Gabby.

Gabby and her mom Crystal are available for adoption together. You can see Gabby’s bio here and Crystal’s bio here.

Cool the Kitties at the VOKRA Operations Centre


Here at the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA), we think cats are the coolest thing going. We need your help to keep them that way!

Our recently expanded Operations Centre lacks air conditioning and, despite the heroic efforts of around-the-clock volunteers armed with ice packs, fans, portable air conditioners and sardine snow-cones, we have not been able to maintain a building temperature that will keep our kitties comfortable and healthy. Your donation today will help us install much-needed central air conditioning.

VOKRA takes in more than 1,800 abandoned and feral cats every year. Our Operations Center houses the most vulnerable cats in our care: cats waiting to be fostered, animals recovering from illness, moms-to-be and kittens. It’s very important they are free from physical and mental stressors, including temperature and humidity changes. Cats can only “sweat” through their paw pads and by panting so their small bodies are easily overwhelmed by heat. They’re just not as efficient at cooling off as humans are.

We’re part way to achieving our goal since a donor has kindly stepped forward and provided us with an industrial air conditioning unit. But unfortunately we lack the funds to install it. Your gift today would go a long way to helping us achieve our goal of cooling the kitties!

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Where Do Your Donations Go? (Video)

Ever wonder where your money goes when you donate to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association? Let these adorable VOKRA kitties tell you all about it!

Great big thanks to Jamie Hamilton of Hamilton Design for making this video for VOKRA. Jamie’s family has volunteered with VOKRA for many years and Jamie grew up surrounded by foster kittens so he knows first hand what we’re all about.

Many thanks also to the lovely Bif Naked for letting her song So Happy I Could Die be used. Bif is such a great supporter of animals and we sure do appreciate her.


Now that you know how much good your money can do, what’s stopping you from donating to VOKRA?