Why we Walk for the Kitties

UPDATE: It turns out Polly is a boy! Because he’s feral we weren’t able to get close enough to give him a thorough examination so it wasn’t until he was put under anesthesia to remove his rotten teeth that the discovery was made.

Senior cat Polly was living under a vacant house when she was spotted by a letter carrier who asked us to help.

Suffering from a severe infection to her nose and left eye, poor bedraggled Polly was taken to our Operation Centre for treatment. She came in very dirty and skinny with broken teeth and many puncture wounds. We suspect she must have been attacked by another animal, but initially the vet couldn’t rule out cancer on her nose.



To make matters worse, Polly is feral. This means she didn’t grow up with any human interaction so she lashes out when people come near. But this didn’t deter VOKRA co-founder Maria. She wouldn’t give up on Polly and everyday she patiently and slowly cleaned her face and applied antibiotic cream.

There was a point when Maria thought Polly’s nose would never heal, but suddenly one day new, pink skin began to grow. Today Polly’s nose is almost completely healed. After she has a couple of her rotten teeth removed, our hope is she’ll be able to live out the rest of her life in our feral barn sanctuary.

Polly is just one of the thousands of reasons why we Walk for the Kitties.

Each year, VOKRA rescues more than 1,800 homeless cats in the Lower Mainland. Unlike many other animal rescue groups, VOKRA is a volunteer-driven, no-kill organization. Our work is made possible through the generous support of volunteers, adopters and people like you.

Please help us help kitties like Polly this September 18 by joining us for the 7th Annual Walk for the Kitties.

Eventbrite - VOKRA's 7th Annual Walk for the Kitties

Walk for the Kitties is our largest fundraising event of the year. Learn more here.

Can’t make it on September 18? You can still donate today!


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