Meet Colleen & Suzie-Q

SuzieQ_ColleenColleen and Suzie-Q are literally the picture purrfect pair.

These sisters came to VOKRA when they were only 5-weeks-old from a house where they were living with dozens of other cats. The home owner did her best, but was no longer capable of taking care of them. When Colleen and Suzie-Q arrived they weren’t in the best of health so they went to live with experienced foster mom Valerie.

Initially the kittens were sneezing, as if they had a cold, and then Colleen’s right eye became runny. The kittens took a trip to the vet where they were both diagnosed with having a feline herpesvirus (FHV) infection. Initially this may sound scary, but FHV is actually quite common, especially with cats who come from crowded and stressful situations. The symptoms are easily treated with a course of antibiotics and sometimes, like in Colleen’s case, eye drops are needed for a week or two. With medication, good nutrition and tender loving care, most cats will make a successful recovery and lead a long, full life.

Which is exactly the case with Suzie-Q and Colleen! The sisters are now 13 weeks old, symptom free and no longer require medicine.



“They’re great, relaxed kittens and are ready to go to their forever home,” said foster mom Valerie.  “Recently they’ve been in a photo shoot, gone to a school presentation where they were loved by 40 kids and spent three hours on a film set where there were wrapped in their fluffy blankies and  happily held by just about everyone on set. They’re beautiful, funny, sweet-tempered and gentle.”

Suzie-Q and Colleen entertain each other and love playing in their tunnel, with a laser dot and with the ball in a circle toy. They like to cuddle, especially at bedtime and when they have full tummies. These two kittens are so special and want to find their perfect home where they can be loved and cared for.

They may have had a bit of a rough start in life, but today they’re doing well and continue to show their strong spirit and independence. Their FHV diagnosis shouldn’t stop them from finding a loving forever home and leading long, happy lives.

Colleen photoshoot 1


Although most cats with FHV will remain latently infected (meaning they’re life-long carriers of the virus), for a majority of cats being a carrier causes no problems and they’re not a risk to others. Occasionally some cats will intermittently have flare-ups, but this is more common following episodes of stress or when the cat’s immune system is suppressed. Since FHV is contagious and can be spread among cats, Suzie-Q and Colleen are looking for a home just for the two of them where they can get lots of cuddles.

If you’re interested in adopting Suzie-Q and Colleen please fill out an adoption application today at


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