Volunteer of the Month – March 2016

Another month, another Volunteer of the Month! This month we’re thanking one important and amazing volunteer, Trish Stamp.


Jack at the adoption event where Trish met Karen

Trish came in contact with VOKRA by meeting co-founder Karen at an adoption event, where she adopted her first VOKRA kitty, Jack. Talking to Karen made her want to help the kitties and that’s how her volunteering began. She has been volunteering with VOKRA for just over four years – she’s fostered, run errands, helped with cat care at our Operations Centre, run the online store, fundraised and been a vaccinator. Whew! Anything Trish can help with, she does, which is why we love her.

Her favourite part of volunteering is being able to see the kittens and cats get their forever home after a rough start from being either homeless, sick, abused, etc. Trish loves working alongside all the other VOKRA volunteers; they remind her there are still good people in the world that really care. Being a part of VOKRA is something Trish is proud of, and knowing she has a helping hand in improving the lives of kittens and cats puts a big smile on her face.

VOTM5_0316Trish digging through an old trailer looking
for kittens in which she later fostered.
VOTM7_0316The kittens that were found in the trailer!
They all have their forever homes and VOKRA
is able to receive updates through
the VOKRA Alumni Facebook page.

Trish has fostered numerous kitties and in turn, has a million photos.  She’s also what we call a “foster fail”.


These three fur babies were Trish’s first foster kittens! The black one, Hercules, was kept by Trish and renamed Rocco.


Look at how cute Tony Toes is! He was also adopted through VOKRA


Rocco and Tony Toes today.

Now enough of the adorable kitty photos (but really never enough), let’s get back to thanking Trish for all her hard work. As we can see from above, she puts her heart and soul into helping the kitties she works with. Trish is integral to VOKRA and how we help our fur babies – thank you Trish for everything you do. You’re spectacular and an absolute asset to our organization. Stay awesome and keep photographing your adorable kitties!

Post written by Aurora C.

If you’re interested in volunteering visit our website at vokra.ca/volunteer.

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