Volunteer of the Month – February 2016

IMG_2279Time has surely gone by fast – we’re already on the second month of the new year! February is most certainly the month of love and at VOKRA we’d like to extend our love and thanks to this month’s Volunteer of the Month, Tasha Bukovnik!

Tasha’s been volunteering with VOKRA for over a year now, having found a volunteer opportunity with our communications committee via Facebook. Communications is Tasha’s day job, so it was no doubt the committee would be a purposeful position for her. After being on the communications committee for around six months, Tasha was asked to co-lead the integrated communications and marketing team along with board member, Majid Khoury. As someone with a serious Type A personality, her answer was obviously ‘yes’!

As co-leader of the communications and marketing team, Tasha oversees all of VOKRA’s social media activities, coordinates the quarterly Mewsletter, manages the blog, coordinates the development of marketing materials, helps promote events, handles media relations and generally supports other VOKRA teams with whatever they need. On top of all these tasks, Tasha also sits on the fundraising committee. Her main focus on the team is to manage VOKRA’s direct fundraising initiatives and appeals. If you’ve received an email asking for help, the odds are pretty good Tasha’s the one who pressed send! Safe to say, Tasha’s an extremely important member of VOKRA and one we value very dearly. If there were a volunteer of the year, we dare say Tasha would be on top of the nominees list!

Here are some comments from our fellow volunteers about Tasha:

“Tasha has brought professionalism to our online presence. As a result, we’ve achieved more followers, more donors, and just more people loving cats (and VOKRA). Thank you, Tasha, for the amazing job that you and your team are doing.”
– Alannah Hall

 “Tasha has become an integral part of our communications, media, and marketing area. She has modernized and updated VOKRA’s profile so brilliantly. Her fundraising skills and innovative ideas have resulted in a very interesting and entertaining exposure for VOKRA.”
– fellow VOKRA volunteer

Tasha’s favourite part of volunteering is knowing she’s making a difference. During her time with VOKRA she’s helped increase overall organizational awareness, which has resulted in more adoptions and more donations (yay!). She’s honoured to be able to play a part in telling VOKRA’s story and the stories of their amazing and dedicated volunteers. And of course, every cat and kitten in VOKRA’s care has a story of their own to tell; some will make you shed a tear or two and then make you smile from ear to ear.


“The handsomest guy in the world,” according to Tasha.

Tasha tells the story of her cat, Bran:

“As the ‘mom’ of a rescue cat with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), I have a soft spot in my heart for all the special needs cats and kittens. My guy came to live with me when he was eight years old after he was abandoned when his previous owner moved out of the country. At that time, he wasn’t in the best shape, but with lots of love, and some treats, he’s now happy and healthy. He has no idea he’s different from other cats and no matter how many times he falls over he always gets back up again. He’s an endless source of inspiration and I can’t imagine my life without him.”

Whenever one of the special needs cats in VOKRA’s care finds their forever home, Tasha’s heart warms and a big smile is put on her face. With that being said, Tasha’s a volunteer that puts a smile on our faces! She’s extremely hardworking, vigilant and always gives 100% of her effort. Thank you Tasha for everything you do, and there are a lot of things! We appreciate your contribution in helping our organization grow and helping our cats and kittens find loving homes. Stay a-meow-zing!

Post written by Aurora C.

If you’re interested in volunteering visit our website at vokra.ca/volunteer.

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