Wanted: Vaccination Team Members

Zarah_Love_Bunch_Cat_Mom_Kitten_0047_jelger_tanja_WebHave you ever dreamt of working directly with cats and kittens? Well dreams do come true because right now we’re recruiting volunteers for our Vaccination Team! We’re looking for experienced vet techs and cat lovers with a healthcare background (such as nurses) to aid in vaccinating our adorable kittens and cats.

As a volunteer on our Vaccination Team, you’ll be provided training, supplies of vaccine and follow-up homeopathic treatments. Nervous? Fear not! You’re able to buddy up with an experienced vaccinator and practice with guidance on one or two foster trips.

Here’s how the process works – When a foster family signs up to have their fosters vaccinated  you’ll receive an email from the Vaccination Team coordinator. You’re given all the information on the kitties and their foster family (such as where they live) and then together with the foster you’ll organize a suitable time for an appointment. Vaccinating at home, as opposed to making a trip to the vet, can save lots of time since most vaccinations for a litter of kittens take about 30 minutes. Each injection only takes about 10 seconds! After vaccinations, you’ll follow up with a homeopathic treatment to help the kitties feel fantastic. And there you go – the cats are protected, the foster family is happy and you’ve saved the cats a (potentially) scary trip to the vet!

Becky, who’s been on the Vaccination Team for more than a year, explains why she volunteers:

“Volunteering on the Vaccination Team has been a fantastic way for me to help kitties in need. This position is great in the way that I can organize vaccination appointments around my busy schedule. Knowing that I’m ensuring the kitties are protected against some horrible illnesses makes me love being on the team. However, helping maintain VOKRA’s high standard of care for all their cats is not the only great thing about being a vaccinator. Getting kitten time every week is most likely what heaven is like. Who wouldn’t want to go and play with a bunch of 10-week old fluffy butts while protecting their health?! To me, it’s totally a win-win.”

Kitten time every week! Now that’s a dream come true! So if you’re a vet tech or cat lover with a healthcare background and you can accommodate one vaccination appointment per week we want to hear from you.

To apply, email volunteervokra@gmail.com and be sure to include your experience and why you believe you’d be an excellent addition to our Vaccination Team. Don’t hold back, this is your moment  – just remember, fluffy butts and happy kitties. Go on meow!

Thanks to Aurora C. for this post.

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