Cali’s Happy Tail Ending

Cali & Robert

Cali adores Robert

It was early 2015 when Roxanne and Robert felt something was missing in their lives. Having had pets in the past, they sensed the time was right to welcome a new member into the family and they knew they wanted to adopt an older kitty.

Cali came to VOKRA as a 10-year old senior cat after her owner passed away. At their first meeting, Roxanne remembers Cali “was very shy. The visit consisted of her giving me stink-eye from underneath a chair and hissing at me. She did allow me to give her a chicken treat. I could see beyond the hissy facade there was a loving sweet girl.”

Cali, now known as Lady Calloway (but still referred to as Cali), now spends her days hanging out at home, lounging on the catio, listening to CBC Radio One and even watching Netflix! A feline sibling, another senior kitty named Ginger, recently joined her.

Cali & Ginger

Cali and Ginger lounging on the catio

Now an adoption counselor with VOKRA, Roxanne cannot say enough about the joy Cali has brought to her and Robert’s lives. “Cali has served as a very important ambassador to the life I have now,” said Roxanne. “She’s the reason I am involved with VOKRA and, through my involvement with VOKRA, I became a cat nanny with The Cat Nanny. It’s a job I absolutely love.”

And sometimes cats can be the best medicine. “Cali and my partner Robert have developed a special bond,” adds Roxanne. “She completely adores him and is so happy to see him when he comes home from work. Robert had open heart surgery nearly four years ago and he’s convinced Cali is the very best de-stressor and heart balm he could ever have!”

After a series of personal hardships and family illness, Roxanne says Cali, “filled a barrenness, an empty void. She gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. So, I’d say she rescued me.”

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Written by Kim C.

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