Volunteer of the Month – December 2015

Me and R2D2December reins in the festive season but, just because it’s time to celebrate with all our fluffy kitties and cats, it doesn’t mean we don’t have time to recognize one of our very own. You guessed it! It’s time to say a massive thank you to our volunteer of the month, Christine Rogers!

Christine was introduced to VOKRA in August 2011 when she needed a buddy for her cat, Snuffelupogus. She adopted Quincy and then started volunteering before we opened the Operations Centre. (She actually helped clean all the debris from the metal cages that are now set up in the isolation pods!) Now Christine ensures the kitties have their necessities – food, water, a clean litter box and cage. She takes care of the cats from morning to night, from meowing for food to napping happily.

me and snuffy

Christine and Snuffy

Christine loves volunteering at VOKRA because she knows she’s making a meaningful contribution each time she shows up. What she loves about volunteering other than playing with and cuddling kitties, is working with the other volunteers. She’s grateful to Karen and Maria for dedicating the time to teaching her how to handle cats, not to mention many other volunteers who have also taught her about cat care.

And our volunteers feel the same way about Christine:

“Christine’s an awesome volunteer! In cat care she quietly does everything that needs to be done while ensuring the less experienced volunteers have all the information and help they need. She’s totally reliable, a real team player and is always on the job way before her official start time. She clearly loves the kitties and her dedication to supporting them is very evident. She’s also a good advocate for her fosters and is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic VOKRA representative at events.”
VOKRA Volunteer

It’s a given that Christine has come across numerous cats but, out of all of them, Boo was her favourite foster. She fell in love with Boo at first sight. Boo has long, soft fur and Siamese-type markings and a feather plume tail. The best thing about fostering Boo were the awesome kitty hugs she’d give when Christine would wake up in the morning – front legs on either side of her neck then a kiss on the nose!

Boo's tail

Just look at that fluffy tail!

Christine’s dedication has not gone unnoticed and we here at VOKRA appreciate all her efforts to make the lives of kittens and cats better. So, along with holiday cheer, we send our love and thank you to Christine – may you have the best holiday season and thank you for all that you do here at VOKRA. Stay awesome!

Post written by Aurora C.

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