Volunteer of the Month – November 2015

Drum roll please! It’s time for another volunteer-praising post to recognize VOKRA’s Volunteer of the Month, the wonderful Janet Cox!

Janet started volunteering at VOKRA in 2005 trapping feral or abandoned cats, a skill she was trained for when she volunteered with the Maverick Cat Coalition in 2000. During the Janet works in a LA/life skills program at a Vancouver High School and she brings two students every week to the VOKRA Operations Centre for work experience. This enables the students to not only gain good work skills, but also extend their love for cats by learning about compassion and how to care for them.

What Janet loves about volunteering with VOKRA is that every rescue is never the same – they’re all unique. The greatest thing about her volunteer position is knowing the lives of the rescued cats and kittens will be forever changed, for the better. They’ll never have to struggle living on the streets in fear and starvation and will be sure to find a loving home through VOKRA.


Janet with Midnight and his spooky eyes.

Janet shares the story of rescuing a semi-feral cat, Midnight:

“It was November of 2014 when I decided to rescue a cat I’d been feeding in an industrial area for the past 10 years – Midnight, who was a semi-feral cat. Initially, there were 12 other cats in his area, but they slowly disappeared and, after Midnight’s sister went missing years ago, he never seemed the same. I could feel his loneliness and struggle each time he would try to climb up the large fence to get back to his safe area.

I trapped him, got him checked by a vet and took him into my home after a decade of interactions with him. When I rescued him I could fully pat him, which meant he was fairly tame and I hoped for the best and that he’d adjust to living in a condo with three other cats. I was happy to see Midnight didn’t have a hard time adjusting to the good life and I’ve never seen or felt the gratefulness and love from a cat than I do from him. He loves being rescued and is a very sweet cat. He also loves the companionship of the other cats; he lowers his head so the other cats will lick his head every time he goes up to them. It’s extremely rewarding knowing his remaining years will be full of love, warmth, and relaxation.”

She’s entirely dedicated to saving cats and kittens and here’s another story from Janet to prove it:

“My friend Peggy was camping in the interior of BC and found that somebody had dumped a mother and her three kittens at a remote campsite she was staying at. Peggy called me in distress looking for advice, though my suggestion to contact the SPCA in Grand Forks was shot down because they were unable to go to the campsite due to the lack of manpower.

Peggy left notes for campers to feed the cat and kittens and also talked to the park ranger about them. When she came back from her vacation, she convinced me to drive back to the campsite with traps to rescue the poor cats. We managed to trap the mom and two kittens, but the third was nowhere to be found. A week later, the park ranger called us after sighting the kitten, so we drove six hours back to the campsite and trapped the lone baby. It was the end of summer, so none of the cats we rescued would have survived; we were happy to know the lives of these kitties would be forever changed. Peggy kept the mom, Sadie, while two of the kittens – Mika and Teela – were adopted by people I knew. Leo, a little orange tabby boy went to VOKRA and was adopted straight away. This was the furthest I’ve ever travelled to trap cats and I have to say it was well worth it!”

“Janet is a valued and dedicated volunteer/trapper with VOKRA. She’s unrelenting, dedicated and determined when looking for a lost and scared cat and never forgets them nor stops trying when they cannot be found. Janet is tactful, sincere and very humble; we all recognize her skills with cats, her kindness and compassion.”
– VOKRA Volunteer

Janet’s stories give so much hope and her passion is what drives the entire VOKRA team to do what we do. She plays a vital role in saving cats and kittens, giving them better lives and much more promising and fulfilling futures. Thank you Janet for being the amazing volunteer you are! Don’t ever change and keep being awesome. Always remember you are forever changing the lives of countless cats and kittens. They thank you too – meow!

Post written by Aurora C.

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