Top 10 Best Things About Black Cats

Black cats are some of the best cats around – ask anyone who is lucky enough to have one in their lives.  Sadly though, black cats are usually the last to be adopted, despite the fact they’re just as loving and wonderful as a cat of any other color.  A quarter of the cats we currently have for adoption are black.  Most of them are adults, further lowering their chances of adoption.

In honor of Black Cat Day, here are the Top 10 Best Things About Black Cats featuring some of our very own kitties currently up for adoption:

10. When you befriend a black cat, you have a friend for life. They’re some of the most loyal cats around!

Shay and Taya

Shay & Taya, 1.5 year old sisters

9. They know how to cuddle and they’re experts at it.

Katerina and Wookey

Katerina & her brother Wookey, 1.5 years old

8. What they lack in fancy colors they make up for in purrsonality- no two are alike!

Sir Pounce

Sir Pounce, 4 months old

7. They have gorgeous eyes that, thanks to their beautiful black coats, truly stand out.


Ziggy, 6 years old

6. They’re like miniature black panthers, just small enough to fit in your home.


Fishsticks, 2.5 years old

5. They have very distinct meows- you’ll know who’s calling for dinner.

Lucy Lui, 9 months, and her best friend Bear, 7 years old

4. They purr so much and so loudly that you wonder how they never run out of purrs.


Jahan, 10 weeks old

3. They usually have a trick or two up their sleeve, like headbutts or hi-fives or turning shoes into beds.


Gustaf, 11 weeks old

2. They’re good luck – bring a black cat into your life and it will only get better. And better.


Bartholomew, 6 years old

1. They have sooo much love to give. They’ve often waited so long to be adopted that when they finally are, they will truly be all yours.


Daisy, 1.5 years old, has cerebellar hypoplasia. This doesn’t affect her health, but makes her a little wobbly when she walks.

In loving memory of Karona, who touched the hearts of many VOKRA volunteers.



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