The Great Grocery Stock Up

The Safeway and Save-on-Foods blitz deadline has been extended!

grocery catDid you know when you purchase a gift card through us the retailer donates to VOKRA and you still receive full value for your card?

Right now when you stock up on grocery cards from Safeway and Save-on-Foods we get 8% of the profits.

We need to bulk buy the gift cards in order to get this special 8% return. We’re short of our targets – but you can help by ordering your Safeway and Save-On-Foods gift cards by Friday, October 23.

  • Cards are available in $25, $50 and $100 for both grocery outlets and you can also get Safeway cards for $250.
  • Order now and you don’t need to pay until October 31 (we’ll even take a post-dated cheque for November 2!)
  • The cards will be delivered in early November.

Last year we raised $2,500 which helped buy things like cat food, litter and flea medicine.

To place your order by October 23 email and let the Gift Cards Gals know what you’d like. They’ll confirm your order and contact you to arrange payment and delivery.


2 thoughts on “The Great Grocery Stock Up

  1. For anyone who does regular grocery shopping at either of these stores why not think about getting the cards for your own use! You get full value and VOKRA gets the donation!

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