The Tale of the Parking Lot Persians


Hi. My name is Wendell and this is my story.

In June of 2014, my sister, Prudence, and I were left in a carrier in the parking lot of a medical building in South Surrey. We are Persians who were used for breeding purposes and had never been socialized with humans. When we arrived at the VOKRA intake center we were very frightened –  especially little Pru – who would huddle behind me for safety.


I had no choice but to protect her, so I would hiss and growl, and put on my most menacing face at anyone who came near our cage. I also couldn’t see very well as I had entropian eyes. My eyelids turned in and the lashes and fur would rub against my eyeball and constantly ooze mucus that would glue my lids shut.


VOKRA fed us, bathed us, groomed us, has us fixed, tattooed us and corrected my entropian eyes with surgery – but we still did not trust any of them.  I did my very best to scare all of the volunteers during the two months we spent at the intake center. Then we went to our first foster home, where we spent most of the time hiding under the furniture. At the second foster home, we spent less time under the furniture, but were still not friendly or trusting and were considered unadoptable.


During those 8 months in foster care a red haired lady would show up every day to put drops in my eyes. She said that I was family. She believed that I was the son of a famous VOKRA cat whose picture is on the wall of the intake center. His VOKRA name was Willie Nelson and he was also abandoned by a breeder. This lady had adopted him. That is his picture above.


Then one day the red haired lady came and took us to a new foster house. We lived in a room with no furniture. There was a giant cat tree in front of a big window, cushions on the floor, toys and stuffed animals. The red haired lady was there all the time and she would feed me and pet me –  besides putting the drops in my eyes. And there was also a very tall man who was great at playing with toys . He even taught my sister how to play and she allowed him to pet her.


After a month we were slowly introduced to the rest of the house. We learned that it is nicer to nap on furniture than to hide underneath it.. We learned that all humans do not mean you harm when they come near you and touch you. I learned that I do not need to hiss and growl. Prudence learned that she does not need to be protected.

We have been living in the home of the red haired lady and the tall man for six months now. Almost one year to the day that we were rescued, they adopted us.


We have awesome siblings too! Prudence is particularly fond of her handsome brother, Hamish. And I have a soft spot for my new sister, Olive – also a VOKRA rescue with an amazing story of her own!


Thank you VOKRA for giving us a second chance at a happy life. If you would like to know more about our progress, follow @missolivepolive and us, the Persian Posse, on Instagram.  As Olive would say, LOVE SLURPS!!!!

As a non-profit association VOKRA relies on the support of people like you. If you’d like to help them rescue more cats like me and Prudence please consider donating today.

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