Volunteer of the Month – October 2015

Karen WickersonWhere has the love gone in August and September?! Fear not, we’re back this month with a brand new Volunteer of the Month who we shall shower with love. This is none other than the lovely Karen Wickerson!

Karen started out with VOKRA as a foster parent in April 2014 and, like most other volunteers, she soon foster failed and adopted two kitties – and they’re sisters!

While volunteering as a foster parent, Karen was also doing her studies in energy medicine through Healing Touch for Animals. She got in touch with our Karen Duncan and offered her help as an animal communicator and energy therapist to help kitties release trauma, physical injuries, loss and grief, and behavioural difficulties. To this day, she still provides an immense amount of help at our Operations Centre helping other foster parents who are experiencing difficulties with their foster kitties. She is a very appreciated volunteer and we acknowledge and thank her for her genuine passion in helping all our kitties lives.

Here’s what Karen says about energy therapy and animal communication:

“I use energy to help facilitate healing with cats’ bodies. I don’t actually heal the cat; I do, however, work in their energy fields to help clear out any energy blocks embedded in their fields and/or nervous systems,” explains Karen. “I use over 30 energy therapy techniques that specifically support the cats to release trauma, address grief or loss, support wellness, behavioural changes, personality disorders and immune systems. I use animal communication to further understand how the cats see their situation, help to address their needs and wants, and communicate this to their humans.”

Karen is passionate about her role at VOKRA and she tells us it’s not just because the work involves interacting with kittens and cats all day – although this is definitely the highlight of volunteering with us! She loves the community VOKRA has created; each and every volunteer has a high level of commitment and dedication, just like herself. Karen enjoys being able to communicate with cats that are confused and scared, to comfort the cute furbabies about the process of fostering and adoption – most importantly that they will receive safety, food, shelter and love from everyone involved in their care. Communicating with the animals creates an understanding between humans and the kittens, forming an easygoing atmosphere laid in trust.

“Karen Wickerson, besides being a fabulous all around person, volunteers her time at the VOKRA Operations Centre at least once a week, practicing energy healing on our very sick and emotionally abused cats. She’s able to give us insight into their thoughts and behaviours that help us understand and rehabilitate them. I can say that Karen’s work with the kitties has definitely improved their lives.”
– Maria Soroski, co-founder of VOKRA

“Karen has done absolute wonders with some of VOKRA’s most abused cats. Her gentle nature and innate ability to connect with animals has helped them leave their troubled pasts behind them and start afresh. Karen is able to talk to them, understand their concerns and pass that information on to ensure we are doing everything we can to help them feel as comfortable as possible, as quickly as possible. We’re so lucky and so grateful to have Karen volunteering with us and have seen so many cats lives improve as a direct result of Karen’s time – THANK YOU KAREN!”
– Rebecca Ahmed, VOKRA board member

Having worked with numerous kittens and nursed them back to a lifestyle of health and happiness, Karen has a list of top ten cats she has fallen hard for. And that list includes Cinnabar, Poosh, Cassie, Buddy, Tia, Pixie, Saskia, Saphira, Whisper and her own VOKRA foster fail, Tenderfoot.

We can’t thank you enough, Karen. You help us out at VOKRA more than anybody could ever understand. Thank you for calming our kitties down, de-stressing them and ultimately making them happy again. You are a rockstar Karen! Keep up the outstanding work!

Post written by Aurora C.

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