Miller’s Happy Tail Ending

Miller - At HomeMiller had a rough start in life and was a frightened kitty when he came to his VOKRA foster family. After a few weeks, Miller was able to shed his traumatic past experiences and become the sweet kitty he was meant to be, often looking for attention and cuddles. Meeting new people was sometimes a challenge for Miller, but it wouldn’t take too long to earn his trust.

One day, a friend of his foster family dropped by and, after spending the day with Miller, knew he would be the perfect addition for his family. “Miller apparently spent the entire day following my husband and purring,” recalls adopter Jenny. “So he came home and said that we [our son and I] needed to meet him because he was just perfect and a couple days later we contacted the foster family. We all went and met Miller and decided to adopt him that day.”

Miller is now happily enjoying his cozy new home life. He settled right in with his new forever family and canine sibling. Miller’s chatty demeanour makes him all the more loveable. “When he’s happy he makes a funny noise that I’ve never heard a cat made before; it is so cute,” said Jenny. “He also likes to announce himself when coming to bed. He meows and purrs super loud just to let us know he’s there. Then he finds a spot and curls up.”

With Miller at home, Jenny and her family couldn’t imagine life without him. “He has made our days and nights happier,” she said. “It’s fun to see him walk like he owns the house. He purrs a lot and loves to be pet. He follows my husband everywhere he goes. He says Miller adopted him and not the other way around. He found us!”

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Miller - Bedtime

Post written by Kim C.

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