Meet Dorothy

Dorothy 1Dorothy is a cat who exudes love. She’s the beautiful and silky queen of her house but doesn’t think of herself as special. Just look at that one long, white sock of hers!

She enjoys hanging out with everyone in her foster home and immediately wants to interact with strangers who come to visit. Dorothy prefers to be above floor level which may be so she can participate more actively in what her humans are doing. She likes kids and simply wants to be around people.

She loves attention, playing with a laser light and occasionally mischievously kicking items off tables. Initially you would recognize her relaxed nature by her habit of lounging on her back. When she does this it means “I trust you”. She also enjoys the Superman-in-flight pose as she stretches out on her stomach. After her excitement and single-minded focus at breakfast time she might indulge in chasing flies or bird watching through a sunny window.

Dorothy 2If you want a best friend and loving companion, Dorothy is your cat. She’s unperturbed by noise and groups of people so she’s an ideal party cat. Playful, loving and attentive, Dorothy makes no demands except that breakfast be on time and you love her so she can return your affection. Her foster says that Dorothy “wants to be your partner”.

Are you looking for a cat who will be actively involved in your life? Dorothy is waiting to meet you. Click here to meet Dorothy.

Post written by Katherine Drabek.

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