Volunteer Photo Coordinator Needed!


Work with amazing photographers like Tania Hennessy. Here’s a pic she took of Strawberry

Do you like looking at pictures of cats and kittens? Then this may be the right gig for you.

Statistics show animals with a great photo are way more likely to get adopted. That’s why our photography team is looking for a new coordinator to ensure all the cats in our care have a glamour shot. You don’t need to be a photographer for this assignment, you just need to have a passion for helping cats and kittens find their forever homes.

Here are some of the tasks involved in this role:

  • Troll through vokra.ca looking for kitties who could use a photo shoot
  • Match said kitties with a photographer in their area
  • Create and help fill a roster with photographers who will head to our Operations Centre every Saturday from 1 – 3 p.m. to photograph cats new to VOKRA
  • Reach out to photographers via phone and email regularly
  • Keep records of our photographers so you know what area they live in and how far they can travel
  • Handle photography requests that come in from our fosters
  • Recruit new photographers and help manage their expectations
  • Inspire and excite our group of photographers to help keep them involved.

If this volunteer opportunity sounds right for you, email communications@vokra.ca and let us know a bit about yourself, including why you want to volunteer with VOKRA.

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