6th Annual Walk for the Kitties raises $50,000


On Sunday, VOKRA celebrated our sixth annual Walk for the Kitties, raising $50,000 for homeless cats and kittens in the Lower Mainland. Hundreds of animal lovers took part in the five kilometer walk at sunny Jericho Beach, making this the largest Walk to date.

Proceeds from the Walk will go directly to support our many initiatives aimed at ending cat overpopulation and homelessness. Each year more than 1,400 cats are adopted through VOKRA and now how a better chance at a happy and healthy life.

“Walk for the Kitties is such a special event for everyone involved. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and be united by their love of cats and concern for their well-being,” said Maria Soroski, co-founder of VOKRA. “As a 100 percent volunteer-driven charity, this support is what allows us to continue to rescue homeless or abandoned cats, care for pregnant moms and orphaned kittens, and to help decrease and manage the feral cat population in the Lower Mainland.”

Each year for the Walk, we nominate spokeskitties that help represent the more than 14,000 cats and kittens our no-kill organization has rescued since it was founded in 2000. This year’s spokeskitties were:

  • Tuffy, a sick feral cat now healthy and living out his days in comfort;
  • Dino, a rescued kitten who needed surgery to save a broken leg;
  • Latifah, an abandoned pregnant mom who gave birth to five kittens;
  • Everest, a cat born without fully formed back legs who, after special therapy, was able to gain strength and mobility; and
  • Arthur & Buster, two formerly feral cats learning what it takes to live in a loving home.

If you weren’t able to make the Walk it’s never too late to donate!

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