Volunteer of the Month, July 2015!

With summer in full swing, VOKRA is in amazing spirits and is once again thankful for all the help that comes from volunteers – especially in this heat! They are dedicated, high-spirited, and full of joy. This month, we’d like to dedicate our Volunteer of the Month post to Elaine Lai, a long-running, devoted VOKRA volunteer.

Elaine first started her volunteering at VOKRA in 2010 as a foster. Elaine cared for and saw many kittens off to their forever homes but there was one that didn’t quite work out that way. Apparently Kaleia’s forever home turned out to be Elaine’s house! We call this a Foster Fail but it’s really a success all around, don’t you think?

Kaleia's and her siblings while in foster with Elaine

Kaleia and her siblings while in foster with Elaine

Kaleia, from foster cat to family cat

Kaleia today,  all grown up and happy in her forever home with Elaine

Since Kaleia made three permanent cats at Elaine’s house, there was now a shortage of room for fostering, which prompted Elaine to join Peggy’s rockin’ Adoptions Team to help interview potential adopters. She described this position as “playing matchmaker for adopters to their meant-to-be kitties” and the role is essentially eHarmony, but for kittens and cats! That’s one fun way to describe the Adoptions Team! Elaine loved being a part of the Adoptions Team, being able to help people find their lifelong partners.

When Elaine had to move to Whistler for a work contract in 2013 she was unable to stay with the Adoptions Team. However, she and her inventive self thought of a way to continue contributing to VOKRA despite not being in Vancouver, through raising money for our organization. She started her Knittin’ for Kittens and Crocheting for Cats at VOKRA Facebook page, in which she knitted items to sell. In 2014, the sales raised over $1000! Now, there’s an entire team behind the page, expanding the catalogue for increasing sales.

Cheeky cat bum coasters, as part of the catalogue.

Cheeky cat bum coasters, as part of the catalogue.

Click here to order your own!

Elaine in a sea of donated yarn  – happy knitting!

Elaine in a sea of donated yarn – happy knitting!

Elaine’s involvement with VOKRA does not stop here though. Having recently moved back to Vancouver, she has joined the Donations Team as an appreciation-giver, personally thanking all of VOKRA’s supporters who have donated through Canada Helps. Morgan from VOKRA’s Board of Directors says,

Elaine is amazing. She is my favourite kind of volunteer – one who takes initiative but always checks in to make sure she’s on track. And she always is. She is dependable, creative, committed and has an infectious enthusiasm. I really love working with Elaine and know that our valued donors are in great hands with her on board.

The generosity and kindness of VOKRA’s donors is humbling, and often moves Elaine to tears. Both VOKRA and our kitties appreciate every donation, no matter big or small. Every bit helps, and can definitely make a difference.

Having given so much time and effort to VOKRA throughout the last five years, we really give our biggest thanks to Elaine. She has done so much to help this organization expand, and ultimately help us grow into the best VOKRA we can be. Although it is Elaine’s job to give appreciation, let the roles be reversed this one time to say a huge thank you to you, Elaine! We appreciate all that you do to help us, as well as the kitties. You, empower us. Knit on!

If you would like to get involved with our wonderful VOKRA team, please visit our website for more information, and apply to volunteer today!

Post written by Aurora C

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