Update: Mr. Bungo

Mr. Bungo was the face of our 2014 holiday campaign. Here he tells us what he’s been up to since he was rescued.

BungoMy name is Mr. Bungo and since the last time you read about me I’ve changed. I was extremely malnourished after living on the streets of East Vancouver by myself, covered in fleas, freezing cold and sitting in puddles. Thanks to VOKRA and my foster home, I’ve been able to get back on my feet. Little by little I gained weight and slowly regained my energy.

One day, as I was basking in the sun in my foster home, I had visitors. A lovely lady named Shawna and her husband Chris had come to meet me. They seemed very nice and I liked them straight away. I guess they liked me too because they adopted me. I finally have a forever home.


Now I love to sleep at the end of their bed, feeling safe by being close to the people that love me most. One of my favourite things is to lay on either Shawna or Chris and have a good cuddle. It’s good to be able to relax and not worry about anything.

I also like to have some fun though by chasing around my toy mouse around the house. When I catch it I have to make sure to let everyone know I’ve done a good job by parading it around the house in my mouth. And sometimes Shawna’s young nieces also come over to play and they almost always give me treats!

Shawna says I bring so much joy and happiness to their home and I’m a constant source of affection and smiles. Thank you VOKRA, Shawna and Chris for helping me become a bright and joyous cat. I couldn’t be happier!

As told to Aurora C.


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