Meet Brooks

Three-year old Brooks was hanging around a movie set when he was reported to VOKRA. Perhaps he had his eye on a cinematic career because he certainly has the looks for it. He is, in the words of his foster, “a stunningly handsome cat whose quirky character is what makes him so charming and unique.” She compares him to Johnny Depp.


Brooks is playful and curious and has come a long way in the short time he’s been an indoor cat. He’s a very loyal friend and even likes to act like a guard cat. He may have musical aspirations, or just like being above the crowd, because one of his favourite spots is sitting on top of the piano.

Brooks is very adaptable and is content to be at home by himself, but this doesn’t mean he’s a loner. During parties or social gathering he always want to be at the centre of things. He loves playing with people, especially when it involves a stick with a feather on the end. And, while he isn’t a lap cat, he will sleep on the bed once he gets to know you.

A mighty hunter, Brooks strives to keep the insect population down by catching flies mid-air and eating spiders. He’s an enthusiastic eater and, besides insects, he very much enjoys Feline Greenies treats.

20150606_155947Brooks makes unusual noises and likes having his long body brushed. Patting sessions can go on for half an hour if you have the energy! You must also be sure to scruff him occasionally as you pat him and to massage him decisively. Indecisive patting does not please him.

Brooks would do wonderfully in a home with no other cats or children and will make a loyal companion for years to come. If you’d like to meet Brooks click here.

Post written by Katherine Drabek.


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