Dave – Taking Over the World, One Reception Desk at a Time

VOKRA is an organization solely run by volunteers and without their endless hard work and dedication we would not be able to help the more than 1800 cats and kittens we do each year.

We’d like to introduce you to the Reception Overlord, a.k.a. Dave, who volunteers as part of the Reception team at our Operations Centre. Here’s a quick Q & A so you can get to know more about the day-to-day life of a Reception Overlord.

Dave Siklos

“Sometimes it gets so difficult maintaining the illusion that I’m just a good-natured, helpful shlub.”

Q. How did you hear about/get involved with VOKRA?

A. As an up-and-coming Evil Overlord, I realized that planning the doom of others just wasn’t the same without a cat to stroke. After some interrogations involving rubber bands, a trombone and Worcestershire sauce, I was told about VOKRA and the work they did. Sensing an opportunity to expand my dominion, I infiltrated the organization as a receptionist while fostering a series of cats, and swiftly rose to gain power as the Reception Overlord. Thus far my true, sinister nature has gone undetected.

Q. Describe your volunteer role with VOKRA?

A. As Reception Overlord I pester, intimidate and cajole the minions under my rule into performing their tasks efficiently and promptly. The Reception Team is responsible for a variety of tasks, ranging from taking inventory to printing forms, to greasing the gears of administration at VOKRA. I ensure that my people are always up-to-date on the latest procedures and that they greet visitors at our Operations Centre with a smile. Those that don’t smile are fed to my piranhas.

Q. How long have you been volunteering with VOKRA?

A. I first began “volunteering” at VOKRA in June 2014. I quickly gained the trust of others, and in December I staged a quiet coup and overthrew the ruler of the Reception Team claiming power for myself.

Q. What is your favourite thing about volunteering for VOKRA?

A. Knowing the cats I help VOKRA rescue are going to other potential Evil Overlords, to live their lives being waited on hand and foot by their masters’ henchmen- sorry, henchPEOPLE (women can hench just as well as men after all).

Q. What’s the most challenging part of your role with VOKRA?

A. Sometimes it gets so difficult maintaining the illusion that I’m just a good-natured, helpful shlub. I have to wait hours before I can return to my lair and cut loose with a properly diabolical cackle. Luckily the pods the cats are in muffle sound quite well, so I can duck into one and cuddle a cat while giving the occasional sinister chuckle to blow off steam.

Q. In your spare time what do you do to unwind?

A. Plot global domination, build elaborate death-traps for secret agents and listen to music. I’m on an Ella Fitzgerald kick right now, that woman had a VOICE.

Q. Do you volunteer with other organizations?

A. Who has the time? Between trying to find people to cover shifts for sick minions and plotting to take over the world, WHO HAS THE TIME?

Thank you to Dave for all your hard work and dedication! And thank you to the hundreds of other volunteers who give their time to VOKRA each year. If you’re interested in volunteering please visit our website at orphankittenrescue.com/volunteer.

As told to Phoenix L.


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