Ask Dr. Waffles


Dr. Waffles (pictured) is VOKRA’s senior feline health advice columnist. He has had more than four years of experience as a cat with health, and is thus fully qualified to advise other cats in their health.

Dear Dr. Waffles,

I have a problem with my claws. The scratching post bores me. I really can’t be bothered to scritch and scratch at that tedious thing. But because of that, I’ve noticed something quite alarming: my claws have grown so long they have grown out, around and are now starting to pierce back into my paws. I am a really puffy kitty with super puffy paws, and since my paws are so incredible and luxuriously puffy, my people haven’t even noticed that my claws are now ingrown! My beautiful fur covers the whole ordeal entirely! It hurts and I am starting to wonder if my distaste of the scratching post was a mistake.

With sore paws,

Miss Snowball

Dear Miss Snowball,

Personally, I prefer to do my nails myself with the post, but I know several puffy kitties that much prefer a regular manicure. First, don’t be mad at your people; they probably mean well and it can be hard to see past all the puff of your paws! But it is very important that once you get their attention, they take you to a vet right away to have your paws fixed up properly. I bet it’s hard to walk around and even to use the litterbox with such wounds! After your paws are clipped and fixed, they should make sure they give you regular manicures, or find a scratching post that you might want to use. There are a lot of different kinds out there – maybe there is one you’d like.

Dr. Waffles

Dr. Waffle’s apparel provided by Business Catual

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