Let’s Hear it for These Moms!

It was one year ago, Mother’s Day to be precise, that we started this blog with an ode to our mama cats. Since then we have shared rescue stories, introduced you to some Compassionate Kids, told you how much our volunteers rock, and more. Thank you for following along on VOKRA’s journey to rescue, heal and home cats in need and for your continued support!

So, here we are, back to where it all began, at Mother’s Day.

Being a mama is hard work! Today VOKRA would like to recognize the hard work of mothers of all kinds, four legged and otherwise. Happy Mother’s day to all of you amazing mothers! Because we have so many amazing mama kitties, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of our favourite little families with you.

Cue the slideshow!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As we’re sure your Mom has let you know on more than one occasion, raising kids is expensive, and raising kittens is no exception. Our kitties live in volunteer foster homes and VOKRA provides all the supplies. Quality cat food, litter, and expenses amount to approximately $50 a month. When you donate to VOKRA, you help fund an 100% volunteer run, no-kill shelter dedicated to the rescue of cats like the mamas pictured, their kittens and so many other cats in need.

In honour of Mother’s Day, please visit our website  to make a donation. Then go call your mom!

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