Volunteer of the Month, April 2015!

It is that time again, when VOKRA would like to thank a special and hardworking individual in our joyous and wonderful group of volunteers. For this month, we would like to announce that the volunteer of the month is… Lucy Hough!


Lucy has been with us for nearly three years now, her first interaction with us being our Walk for the Kitties event back in September 2012. She got in contact with us and started her volunteer placement by being a driver, which included driving kitties to vet appointments, to foster homes, etc. She was also superbly awesome for stepping in to care for kitties in foster homes when fosters were away for a period of time. Seemingly, Lucy has volunteered for VOKRA in every way, including helping with fundraising. She joined our Adoptions Team back in December 2012, and has since then only fallen more in love with kitties and VOKRA. Helping rescue, heal, and shelter 1,800+ kitties a year is truly inspirational for Lucy, and the commitment of all of VOKRA’s volunteers is another reason why she loves volunteering with us.

What Lucy loves about being a part of the Adoptions Team is that the role’s duties are so complex, yet so satisfying. Every adoption application has its own unique chapter, and all applications are bound together to create a meaningful novel filled with miraculous and heart-warming stories. She loves being a part of a kitty’s journey to living a vivacious and fulfilling life. Lucy also loves working alongside the rest of the team, developing a good process and always stepping up the game to make everything work better.

The Adoptions Team also adores Lucy. Our Adoptions Team Lead, Peggy, tells us:

She is nonstop about picking up applications; she manages the kitty waitlist like I have never seen. She cares about the kitties, as well as the people she works with. She is a super team player, organized, and always on the ball.

Fellow Adoptions Team member Jen says:

Lucy is an amazing volunteer and we are so lucky to have her as part of our rockin’ Apps Team! She is always willing to lend a hand to new team members learning the ropes, and she works incredibly hard to make sure that all of our adopters are contacted in a timely manner. There was one week earlier this year, when we had an unexpected flood of applications and I think Lucy picked up 14 in one day! During each phone interview, Lucy is passionate about making sure that adopters are educated with the latest information on cat behaviour and health. 

Not only does Lucy volunteer with VOKRA, she has also adopted two VOKRA cats herself: a kitty named Panther first, then a buddy for him named Yoda Bear. Yoda Bear, previously Motza,  was a VOKRA feature story a couple of years ago. The only surviving kitten of his litter, he faced many health issues and no one thought he’d live. Boy, did he prove everyone wrong!

Lucy says Yoda Bear, now almost three years old, is the best kitty in the world. He has liver disease and dwarfism, but neither of those stops him from being playful, inquisitive, and talkative. Yoda has tons of character and is so much fun. He’s what Lucy describes as the perfect example of why VOKRA is awesome – “a no-kill organization that gives kitties a chance when there is every reason to think that they will not survive.”

Yoda Bear being big spoon, and Panther being little spoon. #CuddlesTime!

Yoda Bear being big spoon, and Panther being little spoon. #CuddlesTime!

While VOKRA inspires Lucy, she truly inspires each and every one of us with VOKRA to keep up all the good and hard work. Thank you Lucy for being part of our Adoptions Team, for being committed to making it possible for kitties to find happiness through tough times. You being here at VOKRA makes us 100% more awesome!



If you would like to get involved with our wonderful VOKRA team, please visit our website for more information, and apply to volunteer today!

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