VOKRA Gets a New Home


After finding loving homes for thousands of cats and kittens we thought it was about time VOKRA got a new home too. So with the help of our many volunteers we now have a new Operations Centre!

The centre is an intake and assessment centre where cats and kittens are examined, dewormed, de-flead and vaccinated. They are also assessed in terms of their diet, litter box habits and temperament to ensure the best match possible for kitties and foster homes. The centre is the glue that holds VOKRA together and, with more space, we will be better able to care for the cats in our care.

Not only does the centre ensure that cats and kittens have a safe place to stay until they are transferred to a suitable foster home, it also provides informational services. Fosters are always welcome to drop in to make inquires, or just to chat with our lovely volunteers. And now that we have more space we are able to hold events and workshops, such as appreciation events for our volunteers. We now hold our meetings at the centre, instead of having to rent out space at other venues. The centre has been especially beneficial in giving VOKRA the exposure it deserves, from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. VOKRA has grown so much in the past year, not just in terms of numbers of cats and volunteers, but together as a family and rescue organization. And just when you thought we would stop there… we are expanding the Operations Centre.

That’s right, we have taken over the lease of the vacant space next door to the Operations Centre! Once the expansion is complete, hopefully by mid-May of this year, there will be tons of room. The cats and kittens that are healthy and ready for foster homes will have more room on one side of the building, while sick cats will continue to have their own area. It will also allow us to increase the size of the space where feral cats are housed. We are hoping to install two taming cages that will allow our volunteers to go inside and work with the ferals in order to socialize them before matching them with a foster home. This expansion will help VOKRA grow to the next level.

With that being said, we are in constant need of volunteers, especially with this expansion of the Operations Centre. There are plenty of opportunities from daily cat care, to janitorial duties, data entry, adoption counsellors, and to aiding in planning events and informational lectures. The volunteer opportunities are endless and VOKRA appreciates any kind of help offered. Please visit our website at vokra.com for more information and to apply.

Post written by Aurora C.

4 thoughts on “VOKRA Gets a New Home

  1. That is awesome to hear! Glad the Head location is going great! Hopefully Karen gets a little more rest now that it is no longer in the basement of her home. This also means you are able to help more kitties out in Surrey. Very Proud of all you all do!

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