Phoebe’s Happy Tail Ending

Amy always knew she wanted to adopt a cat but needed to wait until the time in her life was right. After buying a condo in a pet-friendly building, she came to VOKRA looking for a companion and knew she had found her match with Phoebe.

“I’ve lived with other people’s cats but never had my own,” said Amy, “I wanted the company and I’ve always wanted my own cat.” With Phoebe’s shiny black coat and cute white paws, it was love at first sight. Amy knew that, “Phoebe was just puuuuuuuurrfect for me…She has proven to be just what I needed.”

Phoebe was quick to adapt to her new surroundings, exploring her territory in Amy’s condo and following Amy around to investigate every nook and cranny. Amy finds herself spending a little more time at home now since Phoebe’s such great company! Phoebe loves heights and has a favourite spot on top of the cupboards in Amy’s kitchen where she likes to keep watch. Phoebe stays mesmerized by the bathroom sink faucet, and when Amy turns it a little for her she loves to catch the water with her paw.


Phoebe playing her favourite game.

Phoebe is a true girly girl in that she often hangs out in Amy’s purses and shoes, but her favourite game comes when Amy unloads her groceries and she jumps in the cloth bags. Amy has many cute stories of her BFF (best feline friend), “there are SO many other cute things I could mention, but those are some of the regular ones.”

Overall, Phoebe has added a lot of love in Amy’s life. Amy says it best: “She has me smitten!”

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Post written by Kim C.

3 thoughts on “Phoebe’s Happy Tail Ending

  1. Please note that bags as shown in the picture with handles…can easily ensnare a cat. I have watched it happen seconds after a family member had just dropped the bag on the floor.The cat pounced in and started playing and the handles became wrapped around its neck and it was struggling to get free. Scary! It happened so fast but luckily we were there. I’ve seen the same thing happen when people don’t put their blind cords out of the way. Even a much older cat will go for them let alone a curious kitten.

  2. Amy sorry.. I foirgot to congratulate you on Phoebe’s “happy ending”. She is such a beautiful cat. You are going to have years of enjoyment and love with that pretty girl!!!!

  3. Great point, Carolyn. Knowing Amy as I do, I know she is aware and careful with Phoebe so she is never in danger. That and that the two are inseparable! I’m so happy that these lovely ladies found each other and I look forward to watching Phoebe grow up under Amy’s wonderful care.

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