Meet Judd

Judd was living out on the streets but when he came into contact with VOKRA volunteers he seemed destined for an indoor life in a loving home. When first approached he didn’t growl or hiss and quickly took to having his ears rubbed. Judd is now enjoying living in his foster home with regular meals and lots of attention in a quiet environment which isn’t so big that he loses track of where his two humans are. Judd-wide Above all, Judd wants to keep connected with you, whether you’re watching tv or brushing your teeth. He is very popular with his current and previous fosters for his sweet, gentle nature. Once he knows you, he will want to sit next to you and in the morning he likes to “spoon”. You maJudd-tally notice Judd’s green eyes watching you as he rests his head with his beautiful pink nose on the edge of his basket. He is a curious cat and seems to be analyzing what he sees. He loves being combed and has fun playing with his rainbow string. His ideal day would be spent with you, so someone who is often at home would be perfect for him. Children and their unexpected movements scare him, as do other pets. He would prefer not to share you. Judd had a previous injury which healed but left him unable to jump much, but climbing the staircase on his cuddly paws isn’t a problem so he has a small set of steps so he can get up onto the bed. He’s also waiting to climb into someone’s heart and at last find a permanent home. You can learn more about Judd and how to adopt him here. Post written by Katherine Drabek

One thought on “Meet Judd

  1. OMG Judd is gorgeous! I can’t adopt him because I already have my two beautiful girls from VOKRA, and he needs to be alone in the home. Otherwise I’d be completing my adoption application and getting out to meet him… right away!

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