Volunteer of the Month, January 2015

We’ve said it before, but we can’t say it too many times–our volunteers rock! VOKRA is 100% run by a fantastic team of dedicated volunteers. One way that we’d like to show our appreciation for this great bunch of caring people is by dedicating a monthly blog post to recognizing a volunteer of the month; someone who has really gone above and beyond (whether by fostering sick kitties, driving cats to vet appointments, taking on extra cat care shifts at our Operations Centre, helping with fundraising, or something else entirely) to help VOKRA save lives!

Our first Volunteer of the Month is…drumroll please…Wendy Rogers Kuramoto!

We love us some Wendy

Wendy has been a dedicated volunteer with VOKRA since she began fostering in June of 2011. Since that time she has fostered 125 cats and kittens. Wendy has volunteered with many aspects of the organization such as completing adoption paperwork, interviewing new fosters, supporting Richmond fosters, walking in the Pride Parade with the VOKRA float, helping with information tables, driving kitties, trapping cats, searching for lost cats, and helping with the annual VOKRA walk (just to name a few!).

Wendy has a heart of gold and is always willing to help a cat in need. She’s currently fostering Nala, a kitty who came to VOKRA neglected, starving, shy, and pregnant. After losing her premature kittens Nala was very sick, but she was nursed back to health under Wendy’s loving care and is now healthy, happy, and leaving for her forever home soon!


Since fostering her first mama cat Wendy has never looked back!

I started fostering with VOKRA in June of 2011 after my beloved Keiko kitty died unexpectedly. She was 16 and my house was completely empty without her. I got approved on a Wednesday and by Sunday we had our first pregnant foster. She was a lovely little cat who had been locked out when she came home pregnant. She stayed with us for 3 weeks and delivered six healthy babies. From then on I was hooked and we have had 15 pregnants, bottle feeding newborns, abandoned kittens and adults who needed temporary placements.

Wendy has a special fondness for mama cats and their babies.

My favorite things are when the Mama cats realize they are warm and safe and will never be hungry again and that their babies are safe. And kittens! I love having kittens romping all over my house!!



Another of Wendy’s favourite things about volunteering with VOKRA is the other volunteers.

I love the other volunteers too. They are amazingly dedicated, compassionate, loving, generous and fun people who work tirelessly to help the cats!!

At VOKRA, our volunteers become family.

I feel like VOKRA and the cats saved me. They bring me laughter and happiness and cuddles and a sense of purpose and I can NOT imagine not being a part of this wonderful organization!!Wendy is irresistible


for all that you do to help VOKRA save kitties!

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please visit vokra.ca/volunteer to find out more

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