Meet the Calendar Girls and Boys of VOKRA!

Hey everyone! Apologies for the lack of posts as of late. It was a crazy kitten season and the days just got away from me. I’m guessing your life is busy too and you might know how that feels. If you do, maybe you need something to keep better track of your days? I don’t know, something where the days were laid out in an organized manner, perhaps with photos of beautiful cats and kittens to enjoy while you’re trying to remember when your mother-in-law’s birthday is again? Boy, do we have something that will help you out!

It’s the ever-popular VOKRA Calendar

and the 2015 edition is ready for presale right now!

Our dedicated Dania, volunteer and foster extraordinaire, has worked her tail off once again to put together a beautiful fundraising calendar for VOKRA. Thank you, Dania!

VOKRA 2015 Calendar Cover Boy Sadler

Photo by Just Cats Photography

This year’s cover boy is Sadler. He is a tame cat who was either lost or abandoned but managed to survive on the streets for months with his gentle nature intact. A nice woman fed him for a while but called VOKRA when it seemed obvious no one else was caring for this handsome guy. We took him in, got him the vet care he needed, connected him with an awesome foster, and fattened him up a little with healthy eating and lots of love. Here he is on the cover, all cleaned up and ready for adoption. But there’s even better news–Sadler HAS been adopted! Since the calendar was printed, this adorable guy has found a loving home with a couple who absolutely adore him. He loves to nap on laps and play the sneak attack from behind the couch game. Who doesn’t love that game? We are so happy for our wonderful supermodel Sadler!

VOKRA 2015 Calendar_June only_Page_1

Photo by Martin Godwyn

Also featured in this year’s calendar is Lua. You may already follow this special girl on her Facebook page. Lua suffered a crush injury to her lower spine when she was very young. Acupuncture, laser treatments, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy helped restore a large part of the nerve network, so she has significant movement, although she cannot walk. Being able to go outdoors (in a safe, cat-fenced area, of course) is really important to her and she is famous for hunting dragons in her yard. At least she swears that’s what she’s doing, brave girl! Lua brings great joy to all who know her and she’ll certainly bring you joy in the month of June.

VOKRA 2015 Calendar_March only_Page_1

Photo by Roham Sheikholeslami

Dino’s mom, Fuzzy, was a feral cat living on private land. People in that community cooperated with VOKRA to have her and her kittens humanely trapped. Fuzzy was spayed and then returned to her home territory, but Dino and his three siblings adapted to life with humans and now live in their forever homes. Some of VOKRA’s foster parents are very skilled at gently “taming” feral and semi-feral kittens. It’s a unique talent. VOKRA is grateful for the people who lend us their talent and I think it’s safe to say, so is Dino! I’m already looking forward to seeing that cute face every day in March, aren’t you?

These stories and photos are just a taste of what this year’s calendar holds. It makes a great holiday present, stocking stuffer, hostess gift, or one of those presents you have wrapped up and tucked away for when people drop by and you don’t have a gift for them. I’ve always thought that was a good idea but never done it. Perhaps this is the year. VOKRA calendars for everyone!

Calendars will be shipped in early November so get your order in today by visiting VOKRA’s online store. You’ll be getting a great calendar but you’ll also be supporting the work VOKRA does to rescue cats and kittens like Sadler, Lua, Dino, and many, many more.

Order today!

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